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How to download included content in Poser 13
Last Updated 9 months ago

Poser's included content is available in the Poser Library.

  1. If the library is not already displayed click the book shelf icon in the top right corner of the Poser Window.
  2. In the library panel click on the "Purchases" tab
  3. Place the dot on "Included"
  4. To install all the included content in one step click "Install All"

All the included content is over 25 GB and will take some time to download and install. If you have limited hard drive space you may install individual components my clicking on their separate [Install] buttons.

Once each item finishes installing it's background will turn dark in the list of included content.


After the included content installation has completed you can use the new content by accessing in the Poser library. It will be in the Included Runtime.


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