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How to change HDRI Enviroments.
Last Updated 9 months ago

Setting up an HDRI environment is a bit complicated. It's recommended to use one of the included HDRI environments as a starring point.

If you haven't already downloaded the Core Content do that first. This will add 2 new startup template scenes to Poser's launcher screen.

Close the current scene with the menu Command File > Close and show Launcher.

From the launcher choose Mondello beach or Wide Street startup scenes.


To change the HDRI environment switch to the material room.

1. Use the eyedropper tool

2. Pick the background preview by clicking on it in the document

3. Click the Image Source on the image map node

4. Browse for the new HDRI image.

5. Make sure the Gamma is set to 1

6. Replace all identical images

7. ... in the scene.


Note: The HDRI environment texture map is used in 3 places in the scene. There's a preview light and the Environment texture in the background node of the scene. As well as the Environment Preview. It's easiest to start from one of the pre-build scenes and use the replace all images function.

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