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How do I add my old libraries to a new version of Poser?
Last Updated 10 months ago

The easiest way to add your existing content to a new version of poser is by linking the library runtimes from the previous version in the new version. There's no need to move the "runtime" folders that contain the library files.

  • Inside the new version of Poser on the library click the add runtime button.
  • This will open a file browser.
  • Locate the content runtime you wish to link to the new version of poser in the file browser.
  • Select the actual folder named "Runtime".
  • Confirm your choice and the runtime from any previous installation of Poser is now connected.
  • Repeat this for any additional runtimes libraries you want to connect.
  • The name of the Folder the "Runtime" is inside (Poser 11 Content shown below) will become the name of the new library in Poser.


Note: "Runtime" is a poser term for a folder on your Mac that contains a collection of content. A runtime will display as a library of content in Poser's library.

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