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How to download content zips for Poser and install them to Poser's library
Last Updated 10 months ago

The easiest way to install is to use the built in functions in Poser's library. If for some reason you can't use that feature you can download and install zip files. This is a bit more clicking but you will get the same set of content as installing from the library.

  • In any web browser go the this address:
  • You will need your poser serial number to access that page.
  • Download the content zips you want to use from the list on that page. Save the zip files someplace easy to find like your Downloads folder. (The zips will take up over 15GB of space)
  • Once you have the content zips you want to add the content from the zips to poser.
  • On Poser's file menu choose Install from ZIP archive ...

  • Choose a content zip that you want to add to poser.
  • On the Install Option dialog choose the runtime folder you want to add the content to.
  • In this case you'll probably want the included content.

  • After installing all the zip files you may need to restart Poser for all the installed content to show in the library.

  • This method of installing content can be used for any Poser content ZIP archive.

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