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How can I compress or decompress Poser's content files?
Last Updated 10 months ago

If you need to save space you can compress all of Poser's content using the included file compression script. You can also de-compress the files using the Uncompress script. The uncompressed version load faster but obviously take more storage space. This script can also be used to clean up a runtime that contains both compressed and uncompressed versions of the content which can show up as doubled up content icons.

1. Select the runtime you wish to compress or decompress
2. If the extended details panel isn't visible click the ... at the bottom of the library
3. On the Display tab at the bottom of the library.
4. Click the check on "Extended Details"
5. Now you can see the exact folder where the library really is ...

Now run the python script from Scripts > Utility > CompressPoserFiles (or UncompressPoserFiles)

5. ... Click the file path button and choose the folder with the runtime library to fix.
6. Make sure both options are checked to compress OBJ and remove the originals.
7. OK

It will take several minutes to process all the library files. You will need to refresh the library to see the changes.


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