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How to remove the Poser lock file on a Mac
Last Updated 6 months ago

If you see an error message that another version of Poser is running and there really isn't it means the lock file wasn't cleared the last time poser exited. This can be from a crash or power failure.

You'll see a message something like this:


First make sure Poser really isn't running. If it's not then the message is actually telling you exactly what is needed to fix Poser. The lock file needs to be deleted.

Here's how:

Open a Finder window and from the top menu choose Go > Go to folder ...


In the Go to Folder dialog type (or copy and paste) exactly this:

~/Library/Group Containers/F6C5GMLRY9.poser/Poser/13/


Then press the [ENTER] key.

Now delete the file named Poser-13


You can now launch Poser normally.

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