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How do I install Poser's content on a different hard drive on Windows
Last Updated 10 months ago

The total size of Poser's included content is 25 GB. Keeping it on a different drive is definitely recommended. Here's how:

During the installation of Poser you have the option to install the content in any folder. If you've already installed Poser you will need to uninstall before moving where Poser keeps the content files.

When you reinstall, on the 2nd screen after the license agreement choose "Other Location" for your content folders ...


On the next screen browse for the folder where you want to keep your content. This can be on an external drive as long as the drive's letter never changes.


If you're reinstalling the next step is very important. You can't reuse the existing preferences.

On the Preferences choice pick the option to remove the existing preferences. If you move the location of the runtime folders and reuse the old preferences Poser will be confused. This will disconnect any existing runtimes from Poser. It does not delete the files from external runtimes.


Complete the rest of the install as normal.

Now Poser's content will be stored where you chose to keep the files. Remember where you have the files stored when service releases are available you'll want to be sure to select the same folder for the Poser content.

If you had external runtimes connected you will need to reconnect those from inside Poser's library.

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