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How to allow Poser through Windows Defender Firewall?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Poser needs to access the local network for all it's features to work properly. If you blocked Poser when asked if Poser could access the network some features like Queue Manager and downloading purchased content may not work.

This is how you allow Poser to access your local network and the Internet.

  • Click the start Button in Windows
  • Type "Firewall"
  • Click on the "Windows Defender Firewall" entry on the menu
  • In the left column of the Windows defender setting screen click "Allow and app or feature ..."
  • On the next screen click the button "Change Settings" to enable modifying the firewall
  • Scroll down to find Poser Executable in the list
  • Make sure it's name is checked to allow Access and The Private Network option is checked
  • Click [OK]

This will insure Poser can communicate with the render queue and the library palette will work for downloading and installing content.

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