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            How to recover preferences backed up while installing Poser 11 (Windows)

            How to recover the preferences backed up while installing Poser.
            Poser's preferences are stored in a folder in the Application Data Folder or %appdata%. Restoring your preferences is simply a matter of renaming 2 folders. First rename the current folder to hide it and then rename the backup so Poser will use it.
            1.  Make sure Poser and Queue manager are not running.
            2.  Open a Windows File Explorer. [win]+E
            3.  In the address bar type this line
            %appdata%\Poser Pro\
            4.  In that folder you will find a folder named "11". That is prefs poser is using.
            5.  You will also find folder named "11" followed by a date stamp something like this:
            11_2019_09_25 12_01_01_ PM
            6.  The one with the newest date stamp is the prefs backed up during the most recent installation. Every time you install or reinstall another backup is made there may be several backup folders.
            7.  Select the "11" folder and press [F2] 
            8.  Type a new name for the existing prefs, something like "11_NotMyPrefs" and press [ENTER]
            9.  Select the backup folder and press [F2]. Type "11" and press [ENTER]
            10. Launch Poser and verify your restored preferences work as expected.
            If you installed more than once your good preferences may not be in the most recent backup. You can recognize a lived in set of preferences by the file size of things like LibraryPrefs.xml. That files stores all the external runtimes and will be bigger if you had external runtimes. You can also look in the RenderCache. That will have the recent renders in it.
            How do I avoid this every time I update Poser?
            During the installation the Additional Tasks windows prompts for what to do with the existing preferences. There are 3 options.
            *   Remove existing preference files
            *   Backup existing preference files 
            *   Use existing preference files [Choose this one]
            Choose the last option, Use existing preferences files. If you choose that the installer will leave your preferences alone. If you are reinstalling because Poser is misbehaving keeping the old prefs may cause the problems to persist. Only use this option for a normal update or upgrade when things are working as expected.
            For the advanced user. You can pick and choose bits of preferences to restore. Once you look closely at the files in the prefs folders it will become pretty clear what they do and it's ok to just move 1 or 2 backed up files into the working prefs folder. LibraryPrefs.xml for example is all of the linked runtimes in the library. You may want to copy the entire RenderPresets folder. The English folder(or what ever language you're using) contains all the memory dots for UI, Poses and Cameras.
            Updated: 03 Oct 2019 07:03 AM
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